Instrument: Vocals
Other instruments: Guitar, Bass, Harmonica
Lenght: 181cm
Favorite food: Fish
Drink: Beer, Whiskey, Rum and White wine
Favorite music: All from Rock to Classical
Born: 2 be wild (in Helsinki,Finland)
Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, visiting old castles and medieval places....



When I started singing I think it was Ronnie James Dio and Rob Halford that were my primary inspirations. Dio is such a powerful vocalist and his magical lyrics spellbind me everytime I hear them.
Other singers that influenced me a lot are: John Fogerty, Ian Gillan, David Coverdale, Bono, David Byron, Elvis Presley and John Lawton.
I´ve always listened to all kind of music, from metal to jazz to classical music. I think it´s very important as a songwriter to listen to many different styles and genres, it gives you a much larger perspective about music.

Ian E.H - 2004




Ian E.Highhill`s musical interest started in his early teens when his uncle gave him his old electric guitar as a birthday present. After serving his musical apprenticeship in a band named X-ray he left to start his own band, a black metal group called Nightmare. Switching instrument from guitar into a bass and sometimes being stand in for the vocalist in the band, made him eventually grow into the multitalented musician he is today.
It was in Nightmare he first came in touch with singing, but even if he loved to be in the center of the attention it would take years until he gained the self confidence to enter the stage as a lead singer. His skills for poems and songwriting begun to show tho, and it would not take long before he was the main songwriter of the band.

Nightmare was followed by One Vision, his second group.The style changed from heavy riffs and melancholy to A.O.R. One vision broke up after only a few years, shortly after Ian had joined the army. Ian recalls, " I reached a point in my life when I thought I never do music seriously again. I got a little bit into oil painting and art, also other big things happened to me that would come to change my life forever."After a year of boring "normal lifestyle" it didn´t take much persuasion to get Ian to join with the band Nakatami as a rhythm guitarist. The group played hard rock in the style of Led Zeppelin and Guns`n´Roses. But even if having a very promising start the project ended shortly.

Now after having played Hard Rock in all its forms Ian decided to try something else. Wishful`n´Sinful was born, formed with his former band mate and bass player from Nakatami Krister Lundell. Ian was now for the first time the lead singer in a band, a position he have never left since. After a year of gigging W`n´S released the EP " Here Comes the Night". The group never reached stardom, mainly because of the many changes of members in the band and because of the lack of interest towards the guitar pop inspired music they performed at the time.
Then followed years of performing cover songs in the groups White Feather and Stormbringer, "we went through the whole history of Hard Rock during those years, it was really educating" Ian recalls, "but it would eventually become frustrating too, for a guy who had all his life written and performed his own material".

In 2002, Ian left to form Olympos Mons with Jari Sundström. Together they begun writing melodic metal songs, with Ian taking on all the lyrics and melodywriting himself, allowing his creative muse a completely free rein. The subject matter became other worlds, times and beings, well suited to the heavy riffs and brilliant compositions Jari came up with.
Now with the Olympos Mons he seems to finally get the attention he´ve long since deserved as a singer and songwriter. What the future will bring "well, let´s leave that in the hands of the metal Gods shall we!!!"

Aeschylus - 2004


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