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Four Tooth Filling Options For You

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One, two, three. And four. Let’s get the tooth filling rialto ball rolling, shall we? One is a composite tooth filling. The next is a gold filling. And then there is still porcelain. After that, you can still choose between resin and glass ionomers. The composite tooth filling is made from powdered glass and acrylic resin. This is a filling that also matches the color of existing teeth. This of course, is quite a popular filling.

Who wouldn’t want to pull off more natural smiles. Surprisingly though, gold fillings have been billed as one of the most durable and longer lasting options. The ADA reports that it could last for over twenty years. But to have this filling done is not cheap. Porcelain fillings, like gold, are a form of indirect filling. They’re also expensive. But they’re also more fragile. They still resemble real teeth, though.

tooth filling rialto

Resin or glass ionomer fillings are suitable for young children. They are used on primary teeth or fill out minute areas of decay. They will be delicate and will be prone to a large amount of wear and tear. When these type of fillings are placed, they usually have to be placed in an area that won’t be vulnerable to extreme pressure and/or chewing motions. There you have it. Quite a few options to choose from. But before you get terribly excited, note this too. At the end of the day, the dentist will still have to decide which of these would be the best options for you.

As well as the current health of your teeth and gums, he would also have to take into account your budgetary circumstances. Nevertheless, flexible payment options could be offered should you not have a suitable medical plan.